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Kang So Ra Couldn't Handle Lee Jong Suk's Cuteness

BY Chin D | Jul 24, 2014 10:36 AM EDT


It's no secret that behind his cold and chic appearance, actor Lee Jong Suk is actually a big ball of cuteness, and this trait of his shocked his "Doctor Stranger" co-star Kang So Ra.

During an interview with news portal OSEN, Kang So Ra shared, "I'm good friends with Lee Jong Suk. He has great social skills. Did you know that he gave Lee Bo Young the nickname 'Bo Young jjing'? I couldn't believe it, and I was frozen for around three seconds."

She further explained, "Although I knew of Lee Jong Suk as an actor, I knew nothing about him as a person, so finding out that he's actually very cute added to my stock knowledge of him."

"Before, I thought he was a model turned actor who is serious, acted really well, and is sensible. Finding out that he has a lot of cuteness in him was actually hard to accept," implying that his personality is different from one's first impression of him.

Meanwhile, not long after the conclusion of "Doctor Stranger," Kang So Ra was already invited to join the upcoming drama "Mi Saeng."

On her role, she said, "I researched about the web cartoon last year. I feel like it's scarier to work on an adaptation because people have something to compare it with, but I have big dreams for 'Mi Saeng'."

She added, "The project is important to me personally, and although I have fears, I'll work hard to portray my role well."

"Misaeng," or "Incomplete Life," is scheduled to air this October on tvN.

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