Taylor Swift New Boyfriend: ‘The Giver’ Actress Has A Crush On Her Co-Star! Brenton Thwaites Reveals True Feelings! He Says ‘She’s Pretty Funny’

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It's been more than a year since the international singing sensation had a man in her life so it's about time that Taylor Swift gets a new boyfriend. She has been working pretty hard so a little inspiration may be good for her.

The 24-year old singer has been linked to different men, but none of those worked out. Last year, she was caught flirting with Aussie actor Brenton Thwaites during the Toronto Film Festival. Taylor Swift was there for the special screening of "One Chance" while the 24-year old actor was there to promote his latest movie.

Us Weekly reported that Brenton was at the event to promote his new movie "Oculus", but he ended spending an hour in a booth flirting with the country singer. An eyewitness told the website, "Swift and actor Brenton Thwaites chatted for an hour in a booth together making each other laugh."

The insider added, "The Australian young star had his arm around her back and she touched his leg a few times. They seemed very into each other." After that incident, many people assumed that Brenton will become Taylor Swift's new boyfriend.

However, both stars became busy with their career that's why they never had a chance to get to know each other even better. But it seems that fate has found a way to bring back Taylor and Brenton together because they were both casted for "The Giver".

There have been instances wherein co-stars ended up being in a relationship that's why some fans were hopeful that the Aussie heartthrob will become Taylor Swift's new boyfriend. Before you get your hopes up, Brenton Thwaites quickly denied the dating rumors.

"The Maleficent" star also revealed his true feelings for the singing sensation. He told J-14, "She's pretty funny, but an Aussie's sense of humor is a whole new kettle of flies." Brenton also said, "A couple of jokes on my behalf went AWOL."

I guess the actor is looking for a girl who can get his jokes so most probably another Aussie actress. Do you think he will still have a change of heart and soon become Taylor Swift's new boyfriend?

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