Adam Lambert Third Album Might Be Released In 2015; Tour With Queen Might Be The Cause Of Delay Of His Upcoming Album?


Adam Lambert third album might be released in 2015.

Adam Lambert upcoming album has been a buzz and many fans are wondering why it takes so long to be released.

According to Click Music, the third album is supposedly slated in 2014. But now, it might be delayed until early 2015 to accommodate the huge success of his tour with Queen.

The groundbreaking success of the Queen tour together with the American Idol 8th Season runner-up across North America trigger both parties to extend the run of dates.

Live dates across the United States and Canada has reportedly now grown including tour dates in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Brian May said there will likely be more throughout Europe and the United Kingdom.

Due to numbers of dates being planned, some source said that Adam's original 2014 release date for the upcoming album could be pushed back to early 2015 to give way on working with the band and the demands of the tour schedule.  described 32 year old pop star world tour with Queen as "both "the summer gig of a lifetime" and a bona fide, full-circle career milestone."

American Idol fans knew that he came into the national spotlight after crooning the legendary rock band's seminal hit, "Bohemian Rhapsody," as his audition for the eighth season of "American Idol" in 2009, and quickly became a fan favorite. 

Adam Lambert didn't get the crown as an American Idol winner, but he was a runner-up and there were more doors of opportunities that opened in order to continue to channel the vigor and vim of Queen's late frontman, Freddie Mercury, and of course in his musical output from the beginning of the competition. 

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