Windows 9 to Become Free of Charge for Windows XP/Vista/7 Users; Beta Releases to be Available Later This Year

Windows 9
WIndows 8.1

While Windows 9 is said to be Microsoft’s next big project, many people believe that it would begin to roll out to PCs and smartphones in early 2015. A published report revealed that Windows 9 is still under development, but may not release later enhancements for Windows 8.1 until the next operating system comes out.

The same report claims that Update 3 for Windows 8.1 could be cancelled depending on how Windows 9 would advance in the future. Therefore, if everything goes as planned, the project should be completed in early 2015, and no third update for Windows 8.1. Otherwise, Maicrosoft would have to delay the Windows 9 launch for a month or two, and the company could debut Windows 8.1 Update 3 just to keep Windows 8.1 PC users fully updated with the latest improvements prepared by the company.

What’s more exciting is that Microsoft might prepare some unexpected promos for Windows users when Windows 9 is finally released.

Word has it that Windows XP, Vista, and 7 users could also upgrade their operating systems to Windows 9 free of charge in order to promote adoption of the new operating system. This would clearly help not only Microsoft, but also the PC industry, which is still struggling to boost sales despite the release of the Windows 8 modern operating system.

Microsoft may launch two different beta versions of Windows 9 before it will be officially launched to the public, one of which will be most likely released in October or November.

Just like it’s the case with all the other reports coming via unofficial channels, do not take all these details for granted, as Microsoft has remained completely tight-lipped on Windows 9 and everything related to the operating system.

More information, should come out in the following months, as work on this particular platform progresses and Microsoft could complete development of new testing builds.

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