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Mischa Barton News: Insider Reveals Details Of Actress’ Substance Abuse Problems; Rep Denies Allegations Claiming Former ‘O.C.’ Star Is Self-Destructing

BY Staff Reporter | Aug 25, 2014 10:56 PM EDT


Mischa Barton news have surfaced over the past couple of weeks about how the former "O.C" lead star is self-destructing, with an insider revealing details of her substance abuse problems. A rep has finally spoken up in a report from Perez Hilton to deny the allegations.

According to the Perez Hilton report, a concerned insider has described the former Hollywood It Girl's road to self-destruction as "extremely heartbreaking."

"She's broke and ashamed - and I'm afraid that she may try to numb the pain. We worry that she could turn to alcohol to try and forget her troubles. Even though she's basically broke, whiskey is cheap and she can use what's left of her money. I'm worried she could end up in worse shape than ever," the insider said.

"Her parents are incredibly worried for her," the insider added. "They're very afraid of what might happen next."

A rep for Mischa Barton released a short yet direct response to all allegations: "There is no truth what so ever in that," the rep said.

One of the most recent Mischa Barton news claim the actress was travelling around Europe instead of attending a scheduled film shoot.

According to a report from TMZ, movie producers are suing Mischa Barton a total of $320,000 for delaying the movie production for the film "Promoted", which has cast her as one of the lead stars.

Mischa Barton's failure to attend the movie shoot allegedly "created a snowball effect", as the lead actor cast in the movie did not want to work with a different actress.

Other controversial Mischa Barton news was reported by People, saying the actress is allegedly close to five months behind on the mortgage payments for her Beverly Hills property.

The missed payments reportedly left her $100,000 delinquent, and the lender has placed her property in foreclosure. As a result, Mischa Barton could possibly lose her dream home - pending either an agreement or immediate payment.

Mischa Barton also made news for her recent controversial interview with Metro magazine. In the said magazine feature, Mischa Barton admitted she regrets doing the hit teen TV drama "The O.C.", which shot her to fame a few years ago as the series' lead star Marissa Cooper.

When asked if she would do it all again, Mischa Barton admitted: "probably not", saying how her fast rise to fame made her "depressed and overworked".

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