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Jang Hyuk Brings His Chinese Fans To Korea For A Special Food Event

BY Chin D | Sep 09, 2014 10:59 AM EDT


A great number of Chinese fans came all the way to Korea to spend a day with Jang Hyuk during the last filming day of his drama "Fated To Love You."

During their visit on August 31, fans celebrated the final filming of their favorite actor's drama.

They brought with them the Hansik Catering For The K-Star, a food truck company which the actor is an ambassador of. They provided the production team with delicious Korean food, and celebrated the success of "Fated To Love You" as it reached more than one million views in the country.

It was reported that they enlisted the help of celebrity chef Leo Kang of "Master Chef Korea 3," who organized familiar Korean cuisine such as bibimbap, ssambap, ddeok galbi, and others.

The fans who went prepared a small party for Jang Hyuk, showing him pictures from his 10-year-old film "Let Me Introduce My Girlfriend," as well as gifting him with t-shirts that have his caricatures on it.

In return, Jang Hyuk invited them to watch the filming of the drama's final episode.

On completing the event, Jang Hyuk shared, "Making food for another person needs to have sincerity in it, and through the event prepared by my Chinese fans, I was able to feel their sincerity and love for me. Because of this, I will do my best until the end of this project, and on my future projects as well."

"Fated To Love You" aired its final episode on September 4.

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