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'The Night Watchmen' Chases Ghosts And Holds First Place

BY Julie Jones | Sep 16, 2014 12:33 PM EDT


In the lead again this week is "The Night Watchmen" and the watchmen are finally getting their act together. With uniforms and a strategy for dispelling ghosts the watchmen are finally actually chasing the ghosts they are born to hunt. This week the drama, which stars Jung Il Woo, Go Sung Hee and U-Know Yunho, earned 11.3 percent in the viewer ratings, keeping it firmly in the double digits and once again securing the lead spot.

In second place was the melodrama "Temptation." In the next to last episode Kwon Sang Woo sat tenderly by the bedside of Choi Ji Woo as she recovered from her long overdue surgery. As she slept peacefully, she had no idea her company was crumbling around her, thanks to the villainous efforts of Lee Jung Jin. Fortunately, her knight and right-hand man headed to the rescue. And that's just what Choi Ji Woo's character Yoo Se Young hoped would happen. With one episode left to go the drama reached 8.8 percent in the ratings.

By now Park Ha Sun's character's has learned that the price for revenge is too high. Her realization has not discouraged her ex Lee Jung Jin to abandon his plans to ruin Yoo Se Young. But he has made a lot of enemies along the way and they may align to take him down. Hopefully at least one of the unhappily divorced couples will have a second chance at happiness.

In third place for the Monday-Tuesday night dramas was "Discovery of Love," also known as "Discovery of Romance." In that drama the main characters are discovering more about love than they imagined it was still possible to learn. And maybe that is the meaning of the title. Ha Jin, played by Sung Joon, was sure of his love for his girlfriend Han Yeo Reum, but he never resolved the feelings he had for the adopted sister he left behind in the orphanage. When he's confronted with his lost sister again, those feelings confuse and sway him. Han Yeo Reum, played by Jung Yoo Mi was sure she no longer had feelings for Kang Tae Ha, played by Eric Moon, but she does. And he was sure he was a good boyfriend who sincerely loved her. Then he discovered he actually had no idea what it truly meant to love someone.

"Discovery of Love" earned 6.9 percent of the viewer ratings.

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