Digimon Adventures Anime 2015 Release Date Confirmed As New Dark Digivolutions Hinted In Leaked Concept Art For The Show! [PHOTO]

Digimon Adventure 2015
release date set
March 2015
leaked concept art sketch
Dark Digivolutions

New updates for the new Digimon Adventures anime 2015 have been revealed.

The Digimon Adventures 2015 anime official website revealed a small detail of the anime's pot along with a silhouette photo of a 17-year old Taichi Yagami and his Digimon partner, Agumon.

The website also hinted that another Digi egg will be revealed as the previous egg was activated by having users click on the egg once a day and users could also increase their clicks by participating in a typing game.

It was reported before that the cast of Digimon franchise will commemorate its 15th year anniversary on Spring 2015. Fans might be wondering what is Taichi and the rest of the gang up to by now?

Bandai Namco celebrated Digimon's 15 year anniversary held in Odaiba. Guests at the event included Kouji Wada, AiM, and voice actresses Chika Sakamoto (Agumon) and Mayumi Yamaguchi (Gabumon).

According to Gearnuke:

"Several announcements were made at the event, including the reveal of a Movie Song Collection CD that will include track from each of the Digimon movies. Blu-ray release for all movies as well as Digimon Adventures box set was announced. The box will start selling in March and will include a special Drama CD, currently only a Japanese release has been confirmed. In toy news, some brand new Digivices were announced that contain the original 8 Digimon partners, they are now available for pre-orders."

Below are some promotional photos of the upcoming Digimon Adventure Anime 2015:

The first teaser of the new Digimon anime has also been revealed.

Bandai Namco are also promoting the anime for English speaking fans as well. But as we all know, they are no stranger to this show as it was also a big hit in America. They made it a point to have an English Nicovideo site as well as making the announcement and anniversary site available in English.

Another revelation came when a when an alleged concept sketch for the show was leaked online and it features the Dark Digivolution of the partner Digimons of Taichi's group.

JapNation AniManga has reported that the release date for Digimon Adventures 2015 anime is tentatively set on March 2015.

What do you think of the updates for Digimon Adventures 2015? Sound off in the comments section below.

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