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Rain And Krystal Are Having Difficulty Acting In "My Lovely Girl"

BY Chin D | Sep 23, 2014 10:05 AM EDT


Despite working in the entertainment industry like their characters in the drama "My Lovely Girl," singers Rain and f(x)'s Krystal are finding it difficult to portray the lives of their drama counterparts.

In the drama, Rain portrays the character Lee Hyun Wook, the CEO, producer, and composer of the fictional AnA Entertainment.

Similarly, he is heavily involved in the entertainment industry as a Hallyu artist, was the CEO and founder of the company J.Tune Entertainment, and acted as a producer and composer for the male idol group MBLAQ.

Krystal's character Yoon Se Na is a young adult who dreams of becoming a singer and producer, and becomes a trainee at the entertainment company that Rain's character heads.

Likewise, Krystal was a trainee in SM Entertainment, her management company, before she debuted as an idol singer in the girl group f(x).

Rain shared his thoughts on this matter, and said, "At first, I thought acting would be easier since I was aware of what is happening inside the entertainment industry, but it actually made things more challenging because I knew too much."

He added, "However, since both Krystal and I have been through the rigorous training that artists undergo, I think we'd be reliable and realistic in our portrayal."

Krystal agreed with the sentiment, and shared, "From when I was a trainee of SM Entertainment until now that I became an idol-singer under f(x), my day-to-day life heavily involves practicing, dancing, and singing.  Because of this, I was able to become more comfortable with my character."

With the drama being set with the entertainment industry as its premise, production company A Story revealed that they cast Rain and Krystal for the reason that they are already familiar with the ins and outs of entertainment, and will therefore be able to act realistically.

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