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JYJ Opens Up About C-JeS Actors And Actresses

BY Chin D | Sep 23, 2014 10:32 AM EDT


Kim Jun Su, Kim Jae Joong, and Park Yoo Chun are notable artists in their own respect, but together, they are the legendary boy group JYJ.

On September 20, JYJ held a recent conference for their tour series "2014 JYJ Asia Tour The Return Of The King," and the trio talked about their senior artist in the management company, C-JeS Entertainment.

Kim Jae Joong, who had just concluded his drama "Triangle," said, "Whenever our dramas end their broadcast, our seniors would approach us and tell us that they watched our drams, and congratulate us on doing well."

He added, "Senior Kim Kang Woo told me that he watched our drama, and he's a fan of JYJ. Similarly, I talked to senior Lee Jung Hae, and he told me that even though he doesn't want a lot of dramas, he watched my drama from the beginning to the end. Hearing this gave me a lot of strength, and I was greatly encouraged."

Meanwhile, Kim Jun Su, who had just finished his tour for the musical "Dracula," revealed that since the company has over 20 artists, they can only communicate through online messaging applications.

He said, "There was a time before when senior Ra Mi Ran sent me a message on the phone, and told me, 'I passed by Shinchon, and I suddenly missed you, Junsu.' It made me feel warm and happy."

In addition, he shared, "I was really intimidated when I started training in the workshop, because there were big senior actors there, like Sol Kyung Gu, Choi Min Sik, and Kwak Do Won; however, when  I got to know them better, I learned that they were kind and accepting."

Finally, he said, "Everyone in the company is like my family."

JYJ moved to C-JeS Entertainment in 2010 following the termination of their contract with SM Entertainment, and their departure from the group TVXQ.

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