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Yoo Yeon Suk Was Poor Before Acting In 'Reply 1994'

BY Chin D | Sep 30, 2014 09:34 AM EDT


Despite debuting ten years ago, popular actor Yoo Yeon Suk was in debt before he snagged his breakout role in the drama "Reply 1994."

On September 29, Yoo Yeon Suk made a guest appearance in the SBS show "Healing Camp," and he talked about the challenges he faced in the past as an unknown actor.

The hosts asked him, "You had your acting debut in the film 'Old Boy,' but you say that you don't have money?"

Yoo Yeon Suk replied, "I participated in several acting projects after my debut, but even so, it was only until 'Reply 1994' that I was able to see a big change in my bank balance."

He added, "The pay that I get from my projects isn't remarkable, and after paying my living dues, there's not much left to my salary, and I was often in debt."

After gaining popularity from his well-received character Chil Bong in "Reply 1994," tides turned for Yoo Yeon Suk, and he became one of the biggest names among actors of his age.

When asked if he earned a lot from his 2014 projects, he talked about a gift that he was able to provide for his parents, and said, "In my life, it was the happiest I had felt."

Finally, he said, "I learned that if there is something that you're passionate about doing, you should devote ten years of your life doing it, even if you don't gain anything in return. Although I didn't become rich in that ten years, there were a lot of things that I gained and learned about myself. Those ten years were very precious to me."

Before reaching mainstream success with "Reply 1994," Yoo Yeon Suk was known for his roles in the films "Architecture 101" and "A Werewolf Boy," and drama "Gu Family Book."

Currently, he stars in the films "Whistle Blower," "Secret Temptation," and "Sanguiwon."   

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