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Jo Jung Suk, “I Had Family Issues, I’m Not Dodging Military Service”

BY Staff Reporter | Jun 22, 2012 03:51 PM EDT


Actor Jo Jung Suk pleaded that he received a military exemption due to family difficulties.

A representative of Jo Jung Suk's agency Dream Star Entertainment said, "Due to family difficulties, Jo Jung Suk received an exemption from serving in the military. He is definitely not evading military service."

Continuing, "Jo Jung Suk had to take care of his mother after his father's death in 2000. Jo Jung Suk was the only family dependent and this is the reason why he requested an exemption. Environmental aspects, including an audit and savings accounts, were confirmed at the time."

"He is in a condition in which he didn't even graduate college. He was admitted to Seoul Arts University after receiving student loans. He repaid these loans only two years ago. Because he had no money, he jumped into musicals and dedicated his life to it, giving up school."

The representative added on Jo Jung Suk's feelings, "Jo Jung Suk is currently shooting his film and the issue is taking a toll on his mind."

Meanwhile earlier this morning, the audit findings of musical actor Kim Moo Yeol's exemption from military service for reasons of hardship in 2010 were confirmed.

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