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Five Fun Facts About No Min Woo

BY Julie Jones | Oct 08, 2014 01:37 PM EDT


No Min Woo plays the very pretty but quirky father of Park Si Yeon's baby in the drama "The Greatest Marriage." Before that he played a coldhearted and decidedly evil looking-pop star in "God's Gift - 14 Days." His pop star character was the reason that Lee Bo Young's young daughter ran away. While trying to meet her favorite star, she was kidnapped.

His character in "The Greatest Marriage" is a little goofy and a lot more likeable.

According to No Min Woo, his "Greatest Marriage" food writer character Park Tae Yeon is a "free spirit," someone who lives life on a dare.

Here some more facts you may want to know about him.

1. He's a romantic. In an interview with Kpopstarz, he was asked what he considers the "greatest marriage."

"If you can tie the knot with someone who you love so crazily that you don't need anything else, isn't that the greatest marriage? These days, with monetary and occupational concerns... some people consider marriage while forgetting its essence. It is a sad reality."

2. He's a drummer and a guitarist. In 2004 he debuted as a drummer with the rock band TRAX, using the stage name Rose. He left the band two years later to play guitar with The Romantist. The group played for three years before disbanding. Then he played with the group 24/7, which also featured musicians-turned actors Lee Jang Woo and Hyun Woo. They released the single titled "24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week."

3. He was born while his mother was pursuing a musical career. She was in Japan because she wanted to be an enka singer. Although the style of enka resembles traditional Japanese music, these days it mostly consists of sentimental ballads.

4. His first significant acting role was in "Pasta," which starred Gong Hyo Jin and Lee Sun Kyun. No Mi Woo was a member of the kitchen crew. He's done a few dramas since then and a few films, most recently appearing in the blockbuster "Roaring Currents." He started his own management agency in 2012. When his contract with Core Contents Media ended he established MJ Dreamsys.

5. As much as he enjoys acting, he still likes to make music. He refers to his music fans as "patients" and thinks of his performances as therapy. He combined his love of dramas and music by contributing to several drama soundtracks, including "My Girlfriend Is A Nine-Tailed Fox," "Full House 2, "God's Gift - 14 Days" and "Midas."

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