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'Modern Farmer' Is The Latest K-Drama About The Boys In The Band

BY Julie Jones | Oct 16, 2014 10:33 AM EDT


"Modern Farmer," the k-drama about a disenchanted band that tries to live the country life, begins this weekend. The drama, which stars FT Island's Lee Hongki, Park Min Woo, Lee Si Un, Lee Ha Nui and Kwak Dong Yeon, is the latest in a k-drama legacy about the boys in the band.

In this drama the burned-out rock band Excellent Souls moves to the country to make a new life. Not only is it not the first show about idols or the only drama in which idols play idols; it's not even Lee Hongki's first k-drama role playing an idol. But that's okay because k-dramas about bands are usually entertaining to watch.

Here are a few other k-dramas that strike the right note for music fans.

"My Lovable Girl": This currently running drama starring real life idols acting the roles of idols shows some of the darker sides of the entertainment industry. There's a lot of backstabbing and rivalry. But Rain, f(x)'s Krystal Jung and Infinite's L and Hoya create believable musical characters who help each other create hits.

"You're Beautiful": Lee Hongki's first role as an idol was in this story about a nun, played by Park Shin Hye, pretending to be the member of a band that featured Jang Geun Suk and Jung Yong Hwa. They all play music and created such a likeable group in ANJELL that the drama's fans wanted them to continue to perform together.

"Heartstrings": CNBlue's Jung Yong Hwa also played a musician in this drama. Park Shin Hye plays a student of traditional Korean music who falls for his rocker charms.

"Mary Stayed Out All Night": Jang Geun Suk played an indie rocker in this drama. He lives in a graffiti-decorated garage that he can't afford to heat, but it's okay because he lives for his music. Then he meets Moon Geun Young's character and gets talked into pretending to marry her.

"Shut Up Flower Boy Band": "My Lovable Girl" was also not L's first time playing an idol. He was the member of the flower boy band chosen as most likely to succeed as an idol trainee. This band also starred the new romcom king Sung Joon. Other band members included Lee Hyun Jae from the indie band Mate and Superstar K contestants Kim Ye Rim and Kim Min Suk.

"The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry": The relationship in this drama starts when the heroine, played by Park Jin Hee, cuts the guitar chord belonging to a musician, played by Kim Bum. Her newscaster character eventually becomes the number one fan of his popular indie band. 

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