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Four Top Haunted House Attractions In US Walk People Through Unforgettably Terrifying Halloween Experiences: Visitors Get More By Actually Experiencing The Scares And Not Just Seeing Them?

BY Marx Ponce | Oct 20, 2014 07:43 PM EDT


People may consider haunted house attractions as bigger and more improved versions of classic theme park horror houses. However, with Halloween becoming an $11 billion dollar industry, as reported by Huffington Post, the competition between thrill-and-adventure-entertainment venues has grown tighter.

In an attempt to get a bigger share of the market, haunted house attractions went through pains in delivering the spookiest walk-through places, they could possibly come up with.

The results paid off remarkably, as proven by these four top haunted house attractions in the US presented in random order. Overall, each one offers a distinct in-your-face horror experience to customers who dare get past the entrance.

*Fright Dome

Location:  The Adventure Dome at Circus Circus in Las Vegas

Huffington Post described this attraction as a black-as-night creepy venue that indulges people's fear of clowns. Their Clown Overload Zone can send chills up anyone's spine, as groups of clown with eerie glowing eyes troop around visitors menacingly.

*The Factory of Terror

Location: Canton, Ohio

Impulcity shared that the attraction gives one full hour of imaginatively creepy delights that would make visitors scream themselves hoarse. Unlike other attractions, visitors get to experience the scares for 60 minutes straight; as fear mounts the deeper, they go into the structure.

*13th Gate

*Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Huffington Post singles out this attraction for its attention to visual details incorporated into each spooky element. For thrill seekers who want scares as close to the real thing as possible, this is the venue of choice. It boasts of live spooks in the form of 100 well-trained actors and beasts like snakes and alligators in the flesh.

*Statesville Haunted Prison

Location: Crest Hill in Chicago, Illinois

If lunacy defines the brand of scares that terrify you, then the Statesville Haunted Prison is your place to be. Impulcity shared that the twisted inmates would be more than delighted to have you for company.  A mainstay in Chicago's list of best walk-through horror attractions, the venue scares visitors witless by taking them on a graphically visual tour of the darkest recesses of the most insane minds.

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