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Park Geun Hyung Marries His Non-Celebrity Girlfriend

BY Julie Jones | Oct 20, 2014 09:38 AM EDT


Park Geun Hyung married his girlfriend at a private ceremony on Oct. 20 at the Shilla Hotel. The actor, who was last seen playing a master potter in "Goddess of Fire: Jeonji" and who is a guest on the variety show "Real Men," has been dating his non-celebrity girlfriend for two years.

Park's non-celebrity girlfriend is younger than he is. Although they had been dating since December 2012, he worried about making their relationship public because he did not want her life to become complicated.

When the 36-year-old actor was seen with his girlfriend at a concert in January 2014, he decided to go public with the relationship.

In May he spoke about his girlfriend when he received a letter written by her on an episode of "Real Men." The letter's sweet words obviously affected him. he shared some details about the couple's romantic history with the show's cast and the audience. Park said that when he first met his future wife, he expressed his interest immediately. She was not all that interested.

"I met her by chance at a gathering and when I first saw her, I went right up to her and asked if she had a boyfriend," said Park." She didn't even like me all that much."

But he was persistent.

"I kept on meeting her to show my affection," he said.

And eventually he won her over.

In August, Park's agency Namoo Actors announced that the couple would be married in October.

"The bride-to-be is 11 years younger than Park Gun Hyung and is an ordinary office worker, so he was even more careful about announcing their plans of marriage," said the Namoo representative. "He asks for your understanding with a generous heart. Please show warm support for Park Gun Hyung, who will be starting a new period of his life."

Park Geun Young is also well known for the comic role he played in "I Do I Do." In that romantic comedy he played Jo Eun Sung, the doctor who at first pretends to be a mommy's boy but later persistently tries to convince Kim Sun Ah to marry him.

On the morning of his real-life wedding, the actor tweeted some words of anticipation.

"I can't believe that it's tonight and it's raining."

Some people think that rain on your wedding day is good luck. Let's hope that is the case for Park Geun Young and his bride.

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