Best Airports In The World 2014: See Which Airport topped The List; 9 Other Airports Given Credit For Their Best Facilities, Too!


The best airports in the world for 2014 have been announced.

For your reference, below is the lowdown on the best airports in the world for 2014, as reported by Business Insider:

10. Heathrow Airport-London

London's Heathrow was the rounded up the third spot for the busiest airport in the world list in 2011. The airport gained a 5-star rating from Skytrax review for its excellent facilities.

9. Vancouver International Airport

The best airport in the world for 2014 rounded the 9th spot for Canada's gateway for internal destinations. Vancouver International employs volunteers known as green coat ambassadors. These volunteers are on standby to provide services to passengers.

8. Zurich Airport

Switzerland's airport features porter services at the passengers' discretion to ease travel experiences.

7. Beijing Capital International Airport

The airport in the Chinese capital is housed in the tallest building in the country.

6. Haneda International Airport-Tokyo

The airport bagged the Skytrax's award for "World's Best Domestic Airport".

5. Amsterdam Schipol Airport

Skytrax hailed Schipol as the best when it comes to entertainment, such as dining and shopping.

4. Hong Kong International Airport

The former British colony's airport was voted to have the best baggage services and clean facilities.

3. Munich Airport

Germany's airport offers exhilarating travel environments for its passengers. The walls and ceilings in the airport are made of glass, making the terminal emanate sizable and comfortable spaces.

2. Incheon International Airport-South Korea

South Korea's airport was voted as world's top airport, courtesy of Airports Council International.

And finally, the top spot for the best airports in the world for 2014 goes to:

  1. Changi International Airport-Singapore

Singapore's national airport stands out among the other airports in the world. Its exceptional amenities include:

-Outdoor Pool

-Butterfly Garden

-Movie Theaters


-Shower Stalls

-Four-Story Slide

The airport also earned top awards in 2014 for excellent security, immigration processing and clean facilities.

Make early travel plans for your next international destination only in one of the best airports in the world for 2014!

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