Install Samsung Galaxy S3 Update Here: Improve Performance, Battery Life Efficiency And More In Latest Update


Samsung Galaxy S3 Update: What many might consider as already an afterthought, Android KitKat still supports Samsung Galaxy S3's U.S. variants as it released another update for the said phone. This solidifies the fact that Samsung still supports their previous phone model's users in the loop by releasing updates that would keep their phones competitive and further improve the user experience with the OS.

Before we proceed with the guide on how to update the Samsung Galaxy S3 to the latest Android variant, below were some of the issues that others users have face when they updated to KitKat. This could serve as a warning.

"I updated my phone and now I can not access anything on my disc. I keep getting an message that there is no disc in the phone or that the files are not compatible," writes Gloria Thompson.

Veron Marshall wrote the following on the Android Fact site who claims that OTA works better when updating:

"Have a Samsung Galaxy S3 i535 and couldn't get the OTA update to work. My phone is rooted. After trying several options decided to do the factory reset, so I saved my files using Kies 3.0 and a USB cable. Tried the firmware update using Kies 3.0 and the USB cable not expecting it to work. It worked flawlessly. The manual software update on the phone still indicated that I needed to do the update which immediately failed. The next attempt indicates the phone is current.

Now my phone is on the current 4.4.2 and not getting the daily OTA messages that I need to update.

Not sure why the OTA and the Kies 3.0 firmware update aren't the same, but the Kies worked."

Another Android Fact user said the following:

"I can't stand the new update! I use my phone alarm to remember certain things like appointments but now when I create one it just says ALARM. There's no way to rename it even if I hit the edit button.:

You can check full instructions on how to upgrade the new OS here. In the comments section below, tell us what other issues are you facing with the Samsung Galaxy S3 update.

Note to S3 users outside US: Earlier reports have noted that there would be no Android KitKat update to Samsung Galaxy S3 users outside of the States.

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