Last episode left Jane reeling - having sex dreams about the father of her accidental baby, fighting for her relationship with Michael, discovering who her real father is. What more could happen in episode five? See 'Jane The Virgin' season 1 photos here!

Jane thought her problems were over after realizing that it was Michael she wanted to marry and not Raphael. Her fantasy of a happy ending, however, promptly ended when Rogelio finally told her who he really was - her father.

How will she accept this, after believing all her life that her father was just some random soldier and not an internationally known telenovela star with a penchant for dramatics?

It doesn't look like she'll be shutting them all off, though. The preview for episode 5 shows Jane meeting up with her telenovela star father in the most theatrical way possible (complete with spot lights, a fancy dinner, and a thick book about his life).

Watch the preview below and see some sneak peek 'Jane The Virgin' season 1 photos for episode 5 in the gallery!