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Ha Ji Won Is Responsible For Ha Jung Woo’s 577km Road Trip?

BY Staff Reporter | Aug 10, 2012 10:26 AM EDT


Behind actor Ha Jung Woo's difficult road trip across Korea is Ha Ji Won.

During last year's Baek Sang Arts Awards, Ha Jung Woo announced, "If I win, I'll travel around the country." At the time, actress Ha Ji Won shared the stage with Ha Jung Woo and was the one to induce Ha Jung Woo's commitment. Ha Jung Woo was eventually awarded, and actually completed a 577km road trip with Gong Hyo Jin as well as other fellow actors. Ha Ji Won was surprised after discovering this news and spoke on the situation.

Ha Ji Won was asked, "By any chance, was the commitment planned?" She responded that the situation at the time was indeed real and after Ha Jung Woo was awarded, Ha Ji Won revealed that she was more shocked than Ha Jung Woo.

When asked if she would participate in a sequel of Ha Jung Woo's documentary '577 Project' if it were to exist, Ha Ji Won began to sweat and asked her manager for help.

Ha Ji Won expressed her anticipation for the film, "I believe there would be various episodes while traveling 577km. I'm really looking forward to it. It seems like a really active and energizing film."

'577 Project' will be released on the 30th.

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