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Five Fun Facts About Jo Jung Suk

BY Julie Jones | Nov 11, 2014 02:15 PM EST


Jo Jung Suk, the star as such films as "Architecture 101," "The Face Reader" and this year's hit "My Love, My Bride," is considering a drama for his next project. The actor, who previously starred in "The King 2 Hearts" and "You're The Best Lee Soon Shin," is considering a role in "The Journalist."

According to his agency Dreamstar Entertainment, "He is currently filming 'Time Renegade,' so we haven't fully been able to discuss his next project. It's true he received a casting offer from 'Journalist' but his appearance has not been confirmed yet. We are positively considering it."

Jo Jung Suk has stated that he wants to do a melodrama and "Journalist" is a drama about reporters who seek the truth in a murder case. Roh Deok, who directed "Very Ordinary Couple," will direct it.

Here are some more facts about this versatile actor.

1.     Those who know him as a drama and film actor may be surprised to know he acted in a total of 25 musicals during his first nine years as an actor. His musicals include "Jewel in the Palace," "Grease," "Hedwig and the Angry Inch," and "Spring Awakening.

2.     He can sing and dance but he can't cook. During an interview for the film "My Love My Bride," his co-star actress Shin Min Ah asked him about his cooking abilities.

"I can't cook," he confessed. But if he were married to her, he said, he would do laundry, clean and learn how to cook.

3. He is a big fan of his "You're the Best Lee Soon Shin" co-star, singer and actress IU.

"I think IU is an all-around entertainer," said Jo. "She can do everything so it's right to call her that."

Jo said that he becomes more intrigued by IU every time he sees her.

" There's nothing she can't do, whether it's acting or singing or hosting. I think she does it all well."

4. When it comes to his ideal woman, he wants someone who is nice and easygoing. It's nice if she is attractive, but she has to be appealing to him.

"It's true that I tend to always be drawn to attractive, appealing women," he told "Singles" magazine.  But the appeal I'm talking about is an appeal that only I can feel.  Even if others think she isn't that great, if I notice that appeal, I will like her.  But there aren't any specific features that I can list in particular."

He does want a girl who can take care of him.

5. He lost almost 18 pounds to play the role of elite army captain Eun Si Kyung in "King 2 Hearts." He used sensible methods such as following a healthy diet and training with weights. When he is in a musical he doesn't need to watch his weight as closely. All that dancing burns it off.


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