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Kim Woo Bin Speaks On His Shower Scene

Angela Son | Nov 18, 2014 03:55 PM EST


A picture of actor Kim Woo Bin not wearing a shirt went viral today as he mentioned his times when he was filming a sitcom "MBM Vampire Idols" early in his acting career. On the press conference of the upcoming film "The Technicians," actor Kim Woo Bin, who plays the main character Ji Hyuk in the film, mentioned the shower scene. At the press conference, the production team of the film played a preview of the film, which included actor Kim Woo Bin's shower scene. He mentioned another shower scene he did in the beginning of his acting career when he was filming a sitcom "MBM Vampire Idols" and said, "When I was filming a shower scene for this movie, I ate less. That night we all had pizza for dinner, but I had to eat less than usual and work out a lot for this scene." In related news, "The Technicians" is a crime movie based in a port city in Korea. In addition to actor Kim Woo Bin, the movie "The Technicians" is to feature movie stars such as Lee Hyun Woo, Ko Chang Suk, Kim Young Chul, Shin Goo, Jung Man Shik, Im Joo Hwan, and Jo Dal Hwan. The movie will premiere on December 24, 2014.

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