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Five Fun Facts About Baek Jin Hee

BY Julie Jones | Nov 20, 2014 01:09 PM EST


Baek Jin Hee has had a very good year. She starred across from Kim Jaejoong in "Triangle" and now she kisses Choik Jin Hyuk in "Pride and Prejudice." For a relative newcomer she's landed some impressive roles and acted with some equally impressive leading men.

What should you know about this actress?

Here are a few facts.

1.     When Baek Jin Hee and JYJ's Kim Jaejoong acted  together in "Triangle" he decided to call her darling. In an interview with The Fact, he said, "We decided to call each other 'darling.' Not only on set but when we were rehearsing or in our time off we also called each other 'darling' when we exchanged texts." Since they were a couple onscreen they wanted to be affectionate off screen so their affection would  seem genuine.

2.     She was discovered when she was in the ninth grade. She was walking around wearing a school uniform when someone approached her on the street. Her first job was a commercial for a deodorant brand. She played a female student wearing glasses. "My friends told me I looked alike a different person and didn't recognize me in the commercial," she told 10Asia.

3.     Her entertainment choices tend toward the serious side. She likes to watch art house indie films and enjoys catching up on current affairs via news programs.

4.     Her favorite role was in a sitcom. Although she won praise for her performance as the poisonous Empress Tanashiri in "Empress Ki," her favorite acting project so far has been the MBC sitcom "High Kick." She received a popularity award for her performance in that sitcom at the MBC Popularity Awards. But she was sure that she did not deserve it. She also won a Female Newcomer Award for "Empress Ki." Her list of awards now includes Grand Bell, APAN, Baeksang and Blue Dragon awards

5.     Baek Jin Hee and Park Seo Joon were involved in a dating rumor. The actors played a couple in the drama "I Summon You Gold" and also appeared in a music video for a song on the drama's soundtrack. According to the magazine "Woman Sense," they dated for a year, but their agencies denied it, saying they were just friends. Baek Jin Hee's horoscope for 2014 said she would be involved in a scandal, so dating rumors should come as no surprise. The rumors happened while she was filming "Triangle," giving Kim Jaejoong a reason to affectionately tease her.

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