Kim Jaejoong Plays An Intelligence Agent With A Spy For A Mom

Km Jaejoong
Bae Jong Ok

After proving his skill at playing a reckless but gifted gambler in the melodrama  "Triangle," JYJ's Kim Jaejoong will next play the role of Sun Woo, a brilliant national intelligence agent.

On November 26, a representative of his agency, CJeS Entertainment, confirmed that the singer-actor will appear in the thriller "Spy." It will be his first KBS drama.

"Kim Jaejoong will be acting as a genius analyst, demonstraing his charisma as an actor once again, said the CJeS representative.

The political action thriller is based on an Israeli drama titled "Mice." It's the story of a mother who used to be a spy and her son who serves as a national intelligence agent. The drama bills itself as something a little different than the usual political thriller as it also will feature many family interactions. Sun Woo is very close to his mother, played by Bae Jong Ok, the actress who was last seen in "That Winter The Wind Blows" and "Wild Chives and Soybean Soup." Given the background of mother and son their interactions will likely have political ramifications.

Although it was originally an Israeli drama, the story will be tailored to the current North-South Korean political conflict. The fictional story begins after the execution of  the real-life North Korean general Jang Sung Taek. The real general, who advised both North Korean dictators Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un and married Kim Jong Il's sister, was executed for treason earlier this year. His entire family was reportedly also killed. It was a shocking move, both for its cruelty, and because the current dictator is his nephew.

The execution serves as a starting point for the plot of "Spy" and makes Kim Jaejoong's character Sun Woo an important asset. Acquiring enough information to understand what prompted such an execution is just the kind of task that intelligence agent Sun Woo excels in. Sun Woo is acknowledged to be a genius, especially in analyzing information on North Korea. He's quick at arriving at conclusions, but not impulsive. He uses his deductive skills to acquire information and analyzes that information quickly but logically.  His chief competition in the drama is Yoo Oh Sung, who will act as a North Korean spy.

The female lead in the drama has not yet been cast. The Friday night drama plans to air in January 2015.

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