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‘Pinocchio' Park Shin Hye Shows Off Her Two Tone Sneakers

Angela Son | Nov 29, 2014 01:40 PM EST


The SBS Wednesday Thursday drama "Pinocchio" actress Park Shin Hye showed her comfortable yet warm winter look.

On the most recent episode of the SBS Wednesday Thursday drama "Pinocchio" which aired on November 27, 2014, Choi In Ha, played by actress Park Shin Hye, wore a three layered outfit, which comprised of a thick navy colored down jacket, and a gray sweater and a dress shirt underneath, layering clothes to add warmth to her style. She styled this look with gray two-toned sneakers, which had two colors, white and gray. The sneakers looked comfortable yet warm, with its gray suede details. The sneakers she wore in the SBS Wednesday Thursday drama "Pinocchio" are from Suecommabonnie. In related news, the SBS Wednesday Thursday drama "Pinocchio" tells a story of entry-level reporters working for a newspaper company. Actress Park Shin Hye plays the main character called Choi In Ha, who is a reporter who hiccups whenever she lies to other people. Actor Lee Jong Suk plays the other main character Choi Dal Po, also known as Nam Da Reum, in the drama, who is an attractive, smart reporter.

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