Father Of Dead Conjoined Twins Grateful For ‘Moment’ He Got To Spend With His Sons


Asa and Eli Hamby were conjoined twins born at Northside Hospital Thursday evening, but passed away the next day at Children's hospital at Egleston as the heart they shared couldn't keep up, according to CBS46

Despite the death of the conjoined twins, the boys' father, Michael Hamby, has remained grateful. 

"God is good," stated Hamby, according to the website AJC.com

He added, "Even through this hardship, God is good, and I give him all the glory, he allowed a moment of us to see them, and he didn't have to give that to me, but he did."

The mother of the conjoined twins, Robin, is reportedly still recovering from delivery. 

Asa and Eli were reportedly born at 37 weeks and shared a torso, arms, legs and heart. The conjoined twins were joined side by side, a condition reportedly known as dicephalic parapagus. 

"We're both just emotionally and physically tired," stated Michael Hamby. 

The Hambys, from Ladonia, Alabama, reportedly thanked the thousands of people who have followed their story and that of their sons. The grieving parents of the conjoined twins will reportedly be holding a public memorial service on Thursday at 6pm at Ladonia Baptist Church, stated Michael Hamby.

"I ask that ya'll would come out and let me tell you about my boys. It'll seat 800 people, and I'd love to fill that church up," stated Michael Hamby in a Facebook video. 

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