See these "Jane The Virgin" season 1 photos to find out what will happen to Jane and Rafael in the midseason finale.

After finding out that Jane (Gina Rodriguez) is still a virgin last episode, Rafael (Justin Baldoni) becomes visibly upset. As he mulls over the situation while drinking and falls victim to Petra's (Yael Grobglas) plan to sabotage his relationship with Jane.

It doesn't work though and in fact, the ordeal only proved how sincere Rafael's feeling is for Jane. This won't stop Petra from interfering in their lives, however as she becomes an unwanted third party during Jane's appointment for the baby.

In episode nine, they will reportedly find out about a shocking secret that Petra's been keeping. Does this have something to do about her past?

Meanwhile, Rogelio (Jamie Camil) invites Jane, Xiomara (Andrea Navedo) and Alba (Ivone Coll) to an awards show.

Will everything go smoothly or will there be another complication?

Watch the teaser trailer below and browse through the gallery to see more "Jane The Virgin" season 1 photos.