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'The Elder Scrolls Online' Free To Play Release Date Not A Priority, But Bethesda Is Working Hard On Something Else

BY Edelweiss Snow | Dec 17, 2014 10:43 PM EST


Do you think "The Elder Scrolls Online" free to play release date will be a good idea?

The MMORPG has been a target of criticism since it announced its subscription.  Gaming forums and the like have discussed the possibility of FTP, but that won't seem to happen anytime soon.

According to Air Herald, "There have been rumours regarding 'Elder Scrolls Online' model, fans predict it will become a free-to-play MMORPG since it recently released loyalty program to reward those that maintain their subscription for certain periods of time. This could indicate that Bethesda is having trouble holding onto its fans."

And while it seems that Bethesda is not busy for any "The Elder Scrolls Online" free to play release date announcements, it has been busy updating the PC version of the game.

As Game Debate reported, "Update 5 for Zenimax Online Studios' MMORPG introduces the Undaunted Pledges system, which sees the titular NPC guild hand out dungeon quests to warriors who make it to level 45 without taking an arrow to the knee, and offers special loot as a reward."

"One dungeon pledge can be completed per day, with optional side-objectives for better loot, before you can return to the enclave to collect a key of bronze, silver or gold, depending on your performance."

Apart from the "The Elder Scrolls Online" free to play release date rumors, fans of the MMORPG are still left hanging for the game's console version release date.  The launch was originally slated for June 2014, but because of a few developmental hindrances, developers have to delay the release to an unknown 2015 date.

The TESO Twitter account has assured fans that they're working hard on the console versions and that they will definitely share more information in time. The vague reponse has pacified some curious fans, but has also left some wanting for more.

Stay tuned for more "The Elder Scrolls Online" free to play release date news here!

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