A list of the Most Reblogged Kpop Bands on Tumblr was created as part of the blogging platform's end-of-year review of the most popular topics amongst its users,

Taking the number one spot is the 12 (now 10) member boyband EXO which has Korean and Chinese members. Next is another multi-member boy group, Bangtan Boys or BTS, while B.A.P (not pictured) took the third place.

In fourth place is EXO's labelmate and one of the biggest Kpop girl group today, Girls Generation. They are also the only girl group in the top 5.

SHINee, Infinite and Vixx, filled in fifth to seventh places, while newcomer GOT7 took the eighth spot.

Veteran boy groups, Super Junior and Bigbang are top 9 and 10 respectively.

Other girl groups like f(x), 2ne1, and Red Velvet made it to the list. The rest of the top 20 list included Block B, TVXQ, B1A4, Winner, B2st, 2PM, and the yet-to-debut hip hop group from YG, iKon.

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