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‘Misaeng' Ends, Foreshadows Misaeng 2

BY Staff Reporter | Dec 20, 2014 11:35 PM EST


The cable channel tvN's Friday Saturday drama "Misaeng" finally ended, and the ending reflected that of the original cartoon. On the final episode of the cable channel tvN's Friday Saturday drama "Misaeng" which aired on December 20, 2014, actor Im Si Wan's team in the company started its new life. Im Si Wan's boss Lee Sung Min left the company regarding the project in China. Im Si Wan ended his two year contract, and his colleagues tried to grant him the permanent full time employee position. Im Si Wan's contracted ended, nevertheless, and he joined his boss Lee Sung Min at the company he founded. In related news, the cable channel tvN's Friday Saturday drama "Misaeng" tells a story of an entry-level businessman Jang Geu Rae, who is played by idol star-turned actor Im Si Wan of ZE:A, and his colleagues from the company. Im Si Wan used to be a ba duk student and, upon failing to debut as a professional ba duk player, starts to work at a big corporate company as a contracted employee.

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