‘I Am A Murderer’ Park Shi Hoo Reveals His Bronzed Solid Muscles ‘Women Swoon’

I Am A Murderer
Park Shi Hoo

'I Am A Murderer' Park Shi Hoo shows off his bronzed solid muscles.

The still cuts of the movie 'I Am A Murderer', premiering on November 8th, were revealed of Park Shi Hoo's muscular body. He is playing serial killer Lee Doo Seok in the movie.

'I Am A Murderer' is about a serial killer who became famous after writing an autobiography about his murders after the statute of limitation of 15 years had passed. It is a dynamic action thriller about his unfinished showdown with the detectives. The movie stars Jung Jae Young and Park Shi Hoo.

Through this project, Park Shi Hoo attempted an image transformation as he plays character that has good and bad sides. He fits the set-up as it is hard to believe that a good-looking man with such a good body like him would have killed 10 people.

In the revealed stills, Lee Doo Seok is at the hotel pool. Park Shi Hoo's flawless body and healthy skin tone is making the women's hearts flutter.

There is high anticipation for the movie because of Park Shi Hoo's acting transformation and also because of the revealing of his perfect body.

'I Am A Murderer' will open on November 8th.

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