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No Min Woo Revisits His Rock Star Past And Looks Ahead To A New Role

BY Julie Jones | Dec 30, 2014 11:12 AM EST


No Min Woo's latest drama "The Greatest Marriage" aired its last episode on Dec. 29. In that drama he played Park Tae Yeon, a self-absorbed character who was both charming and horrible to the mother of his child, played by Park Si Yeon. And once Park Tae Yeon was horrible, it was too late for a do over. Despite the consequences the character could not revisit the past to make things right.

In real life the charming No Min Woo is much nicer than his character in "The Greatest Marriage." And he recently had a chance to revisit his rock star past and try things differently. On Dec 20 and 21st, he performed concerts in Japan. The concerts were his first appearances since performing there with the band TRAX. Only this time he performed solo concerts, both of which were well received by his Japanese fans.

No Min Woo debuted with the SM Entertainment band TRAX in 2004, under the name Rose, but he left the group to pursue acting in 2006. He recently revived his singing career as a solo act, taking the name ICON.

According to his agency MJ Dream, "No Min Woo, who debuted in Japan in 2004 was able to finish the year by spending some time with Japanese fans and celebrated his 10th debut anniversary. In 2015, fans can look forward to better work and music."

What's next for the singer and actor, whose previous dramas include "God's Gift - 14 Days," "The Blade and the Petal," "Midas," "Monstar" and "My Girlfriend is a Gumiho?"

He has already chosen his next drama, which is titled "My Regrettable Boyfriend," also known as "My Unfortunate Boyfriend." It's the story of a romance between a man who can only tell the truth and a woman who has no problem telling a lie. He plays Yoon Tae Un, the man with the honesty problem. Yang Jin Sung, last seen in "Bride of the Century," plays Yoo Ji Na, an intern starting her career at a new company.  Kara member Park Gyu Ri, last seen in "Secret Love," plays Hong Yeo Joo, an intern who comes from a well-to-do background. The drama also stars Kwak Ji Min as a troublemaking intern and Jung Yoon Hak as the manager of the advertising agency where they all work.

Nam Ki Hoon, who produced "Full House, Take 2," is the producer. Lee Jae Yoon, who wrote "Red Carpet" is the screenwriter.

The drama is set to air in January.

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