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Half Life 3 Leak On Steam Database Is Real Confirmed; Valve Working On HL3 As Full Release Date Announcement On The International 5 2015 Likely

BY Gunther Barbosa | Jan 05, 2015 01:37 PM EST


It looks like the recent Half Life 3 leak on the Steam Database is not a hoax as sources say that the now deleted entry on the Steam Database was indeed Half Life 3!

Previously, we have reported that users at the famed image board 4Chan have uncovered the entry of Half Life 3 at the Steam Database and they posted a pic of the entry as you can see below:

We then reported that the updated entry of App 323900 had the picture of Half Life 3 removed. But now it seems that the entry has been completely deleted from the Steam Database.

Fans have wondered if the pic posted above was just a hoax that was created by a troll on 4Chan, but it seems like the Half Life 3 entry on the Steam Database is real if the reports are to be believed.

Motoring Crunch has confirmed that leaked database entry of Half Life 3 is real and that gamers should expect an announcement from Valve soon.

"This is evident after Valve’s very own Steam network was mistakenly updated with Half Life 3 on it. In detail, Steam listed the App 323900 on their database as Half Life 3. Of course, the reveal has already been removed by Valve." as quoted from the report of Motoring Crunch.

As we have reported before there is a rumor going around that Gabe Newell would finally announce Half Life 3 at Valve's The International 5 2015.

The reason this rumor is picking up Steam is due to fact that Valve doesn't join the regular gaming conventions such as E3, PAX, CES and more. Since they hold their own events, it is plausible that they could announce Half Life 3 then.

But what do you think? Are you excited for Half Life 3? Sound off in the comments below!

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