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Five Fun Facts About Go Sung Hee

BY Julie Jones | Jan 05, 2015 01:52 PM EST


In his upcoming drama "Spy," Kim Jaejoong must cope with the problems caused by his mother, a sleeper North Korean spy. But that does not mean he won't have time for romance. And the lucky actress to play his love is none other than Go Sung Hee. She plays a calm, innocent character with a secret. The actress recently acted opposite Yunho in "The Diary of a Night Watchman." Not bad for a rookie who only debuted in the film "Ethics of Wrath" in 2013.

Here are a few more facts about this rising star:

1.  Netizens have commented on Go Sung Hee's resemblance to Park Shin Hye. Not only do the actresses look enough alike to be sisters but they also share similar facial expressions. Casting directors take note.

2. When Go Sung Hee was represented by KeyEast she wanted to act but prepared to debut in a girl group. She practiced along with the late RiSe of Ladies Code, but left KeyEast to pursue her dream of becoming an actress.

3. Go Sung Hee burned her arm during the filming of "the Dairy of a Night Watchman," but she describes the resulting scar as a "scar of honor.

"I got injured a lot since I didn't know the tricks to avoid injury," she told enewsworld. "I think I will be thinking about the project every time I see the burn. So I'm pleased."

She was new to action scenes but described the drama as a great example of teamwork.

"We had a great teamwork. Although we were physically strained due to many days of filming overnight, that made the staff and cast members closer to each other. I also received a lot of help from my seniors and Il Woo oppa who was always by my side."

4. Although she debuted in  "Ethics of Wrath" in 2013, she wasted no time landing more roles. That year she also appeared in the film "Fasten Your Seatbelt" and played Kim Jae Hee, the abandoned daughter of a councilman in "Miss Korea." She won a Best New Actress award at the MBC Drama Awards for her work in "Miss Korea" and "Diary of a Night Watchman."

5. Having the chance to act opposite Yunho and Jaejoong was especially rewarding as Go Sung Hee admits to being a TVXQ fan. While filming "Diary of a Night Watchman," she spoke to Sports Seoul about working with Yunho.

"Till the time before taking on this drama, my impression of him as TVXQ were huge, but after he commenced acting, I saw him in a different light. I saw his genuine passion for acting, and he was sincere. Looking at him, I felt as if I obtained strength and worked hard."

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