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Kim So Eun Was Asked If She Would Date Song Jae Rim In Real Life

BY Julie Jones | Jan 16, 2015 01:57 PM EST


Here's some news that "We Got Married" shippers may not want to hear. Actress Kim So Eun says she does not want to date her virtual spouse Song Jae Rim in real life.

When a reporter with the Chinese media outlet asked her if she would consider dating him after the show ended, she took a firm stance.

"That will definitely not happen and I also think that it's impossible," she said.

She did not even think it was likely that they would stay in touch.

"We film once every two weeks and when we're not filming, we're too busy to contact each other," she said. "I think it will be very difficult for us to develop a relationship and to start feeling something for each other."

She does like Song Jae Rim as a person.

"He is a very cheerful and bright person," said Kim. "I think that's why I was able to work with him so comfortably while filming and get close quickly."

But that did not translate into a real relationship. Shippers may wonder how they got it so wrong. The actors were one of the most popular couples ever on the show in which two celebrities pretend to get married. Song Jae Rim lavished Kim So Eun with so much playful physical affection that it attracted the approving comments of the show's fans.

But appearing on the show has been good for both the actors. Although Kim So Eun has appeared in several dramas, she says that her appearance on "We Got Married" helped people feel more comfortable about approaching her.

"They used to not say anything even when I passed by," said Kim, who starred in "Boys Over Flowers" and "The Liar Game." "When I do a variety show now people seem to approach me more easily, so that's a huge gain for me."

Song Jae Rim's appearance on the marriage show also boosted his career. He has said that people tended to think him cool and aloof before. The show allowed him to show a more charismatic side.

Song, who previously appeared in "The Moon Embracing The Sun," "Two Weeks" and "The Idle Mermaid," will next appear in "Unkind Women" with Kim Ji Suk and Lee Ha Na. He will play Kim Ji Suk's half-brother and his rival for the affections of Lee Ha Na's character.

"Unkind Women" is about three generations of hot-blooded women and the people who love them." The drama will follow "The King's Face."

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