MacBook Pro 2015 Release Date Set To Be On April Rumored; Specs, Features And More Detailed


It looks like Apple users would get their hands on the new Macbook Pro early this year as the MacBook Pro 2015 release date has been set to April 2015 if the reports and rumors are to be believed.

Cyberland has reported that the MacBook Pro 2015 release date is going to be this April 2015 should there be no problems with Intel's broadwell CPU's. The report also mentions that Apple is determined to make the MacBook Pro 2015 to be the fastest one yet.

Meanwhile, an image concept of MacBook Pro by Hass T. has emerged online and it's making waves among the Apple community.

In the personal Google+ account of Hass T, the MacBook Pro 2015 will have a "very light aluminum body with a darker colour finish," and that the MacBook Pro 2015 might come with a touch screen Retina HD display.

As was said by Hass T, the MacBook Pro might also feature "an improved Facetime HD camera with nearly all the features you get from the iPhone 6's camera and possibly the best feature of them all, it's detachable. You can flip the screen around or simply take it off so it's a tablet as well a fully performing MacBook!"

Concept Phones also added that the MacBook Pro might run with a new version of the OSX operating system. The report also mentions that the MacBook Pro 2015's name might be changed to the MacBook S or MacBook Pro S.

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