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Xbox One Jailbreak JTAG Confirmed; Hackers Discover A Hack Similar To RGH That Allows Them To Run Pirated Games And More For The Next-Gen Console

BY Gunther Barbosa | Jan 29, 2015 08:50 AM EST

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The Xbox One jailbreak or JTAG has been made possible by hackers when discovered a method, similar to RGH, that allows them to run pirated games on the system.

Cyberland reported that hackers at a popular Xbox hacking site are claming that they've found an exploit on the Xbox One that will allow homebrew apps to run on the console. A chat log that comes from the EFnet lobby #xbonehack has hackers admitting that the Xbox One has been been hacked using a variation of the RGH method that allowed the Xbox 360 to run pirated games.

"Let's just say it's already done," according to one poster in the chatroom. Claiming that he's got "great news for Xbox One hacking."

"We will see examples within the following months... right now is the discovery phase, development must be done," reads the log which can be found on Paste Bin. "Think of the most radical situation that could have possibly happened. The thing that would most hurt the security. That's what happened."

The hackers who made the Xbox One jailbreak or JTAG said and that to stop the exploit, Microsoft would need to roll out new hardware to stop it. This means that Microsoft would have to release a new version of the Xbox One just so that the hack would have to be developed for that system so that it could work.

"Xbox One full homebrew will likely be a reality in a short time," said the hacker.

Cyberland also reported that the hackers would reveal their method for everyone to see in the near future.

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