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5 Videos You Need To Watch From DramaFever Studios

BY Wen @ DramaFever | Feb 06, 2015 07:05 PM EST


DramaFever Studios brings you awesome, fun videos every week from YouTube collaborators all over the world. If you're interested in fashion, beauty, or just Korean entertainment in general, DramaFever's YouTube channel is the place for you! Here are five of the best videos released recently:
1. Street Style: Seoul

If you're into Korean fashion, check out our latest episode of Street Style: Seoul. Style Week was just held in Seoul, and Kelly and Kitae bring you the best street fashion from the very stylish attendees.

2. K-Drama LoLs (Lapses of Logic)

Have you ever watched a K-drama and just yelled at your screen even though you know the characters can't hear you? Stephen understands you all too well. Watch him deconstruct the last 3 episodes of Pinocchio in the final episode of K-Drama LoLs Season 1:

3. K-Trend

K-Trend brings you the latest and greatest of Korean entertainment, scandals and all. In this week's episode, the K-Trend crew discusses how much the average K-pop idol really earns, and whether CL's US debut will be successful.

4. Janie's Tips & Tricks

Have you ever wondered how Song Hye Gyo maintains her youthful, bright skin? Rumor has it that she uses a rice water mask! In this week's Janie's Tips & Tricks, Janie shows you how to make your own rice water mask in just a few simple steps.

5. DramaFever Soundtrack: 'On My Mind' for Pinocchio

The hit drama Pinocchio might be over, but the feels live on. Relive the cutest moments from the drama with this upbeat love song from YouTuber TheRealDavidKim!

What do you think of these videos? Which caught your interest, and which shows will you be tuning into from now on? Tell us in the comments below! And don't forget to check out DramaFever's YouTube for more awesome shows!

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