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Kim Woo Bin's 'Twenty' Receives A 15+ Rating For Nudity

BY Adrienne Stanley | Feb 20, 2015 10:32 AM EST


On February 19, the Korean outlet OSEN published a report which provided an explanation for 15+ rating provided by the Korean Media Rating Board for the upcoming film “Twenty.”

The board decided to provide a rating of 15 years or older on the film due to numerous reasons. In the report, a representative for the Korean Media Rating Board said, “The provocative parts [of the film] include sexuality, nudity, and violence. The script and theme of the movie are of the socially acceptable level.”

The representative for the rating board went on to explain that parental guidance was necessary for the film.

“Twenty” is a youth-oriented film starring Kim Woo Bin, Kang Ha Neul, and 2PM’s Junho. Each of the actors have worked towards establishing substantial careers within the film industry.

Kim and Kang will depart from their angsty teen characters from “The Heirs,” to portray twentysomethings who are struggling to find their identities after high school.

Kim recently starred opposite Lee Hyun Woo and Ko Chang Seok in the action heist film “The Technicians.” He portrays Chi Ho in “Twenty,” the handsome member of the trio who has few aspirations for the future. In America, Chi Ho would be the fraternity brother who has no plans beyond college parties.

Kang was one of the lead actors in the period musical flick “C’est Si Bon.” “C’est Si Bon” provided an opportunity for the star to exercise his vocal talents on-screen. He will portray Kyeong Jae, a highly disciplined young man who aspires to become a corporate employee. He is poised and studious, except for when he starts drinking. He has played the straight-man in most of his on-screen roles but he will explore his comedic timing in “Twenty.”

Junho experienced his film break out role as Detective Daramjwi in the 2013 crime precedural movie “Cold Eyes.” His empathetic portrayal of Daramjwi, who was affectionately called Squirrel, led to love calls for other film roles. “Twenty” will provide another opportunity for the member of 2PM to shine beyond his music career. He will portray Dong Woo, a young man who is strapped for cash and not enrolled in college. Dong Woo represents the struggles of aspiring students who are waiting to take their entrance exams.

“Twenty” will be released in theaters in March 2015.

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