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Ji Chang Wook Will Enter The Military In 2016

BY Adrienne Stanley | Feb 24, 2015 07:49 PM EST


Ji Chang Wook has been on a media blitz since the completion of his hit KBS2 drama, “Healer.” Over the course of three days, the breakout star provided a large number of interviews to Korea media.

In an interview published on February 25 by the Korean outlet Asia Today, he weighed in on “Healer” and his upcoming military service.

When asked about his military enlistment plans, he said, “I will go early next year.”

In the interview, the 27-year-old actor expressed his appreciation for the legions of female fans who flocked to “Healer.” The series held up against fierce competition from “Punch.” Many viewers were attracted to the combination of romance and action that was presented in the drama. The article noted pivotal moments in the series included the rooftop kiss.

He spoke positively about his upcoming year and his goals. He said, “This is my year to live happily.”

He is an accomplished actor with previous credits including “Empress Ki” but his role in “Healer” has helped the actor leave a lasting impression on K-Drama viewers.

In an article published by the Kpop Herald, Ji noted that his performance in the Korean musical “The Days” would serve as his last theatrical performance prior to his enlistment.

In the interview published by Kpop Herald, he enthusiastically spoke of the differences between acting on stage and in a drama. “Being on the stage has different charms from appearing in a drama. In front of the camera, you have a chance to do it again, but you don’t on the stage.”

Ji Chang Wook plans on entering the military on a high note, with a soaring theatrical and drama career.

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