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Jung Woo Would Always Choose Love

BY Julie Jones | Mar 02, 2015 11:56 AM EST


Jung Woo plays a character that chooses love over friendship in the film "C'est Si Bon." And the actor says that if it came to choosing between love and friendship in real life, he might make the same choice.

The actor recently told the Korean media outlet Chosun Ilbo that love would always win.

"I would definitely choose love, but that's not something you do easily," said Jung Woo. "If it really happened, it would be heartbreaking."

In the 60s era film Jung Woo plays Oh Geun Tae, a member of an up-and-coming folk singing trio. The trio is modeled on Twin Folio, a real folk singing group of the era. Twin Folio only had two members but the film imagined a third character, played by Jung Woo. Kang Ha Neul and Jo Bok Rae play the other singers.

The folk trio has a muse, a young actress named Min Ja Young, played by Han Hyo Joo. All three singers have a crush on her. And it's the trio's competition for her attention that inspires them to write many of their songs.

At first it seems that Oh Geun Tae is the lucky man to win her heart but maybe he is not so lucky. When her career takes off she warns him that their relationship may be only temporary. He finds that hard to believe. And despite the fact that she says its only temporary, he cares more about their relationship that the effect his relationship will have on the band.

Jung Woo's character does everything he can for Min Ja Young. He even betrays his friends to help her.

The film is named after a French song, "C'est Si Bon" and also the music venue where the action takes place. The real-life music venue was the place where many famous folk acts of the era found an audience.

Jung Woo, whose successful previous dramas included "Reply 1994," "Dandelion Family" and "You're The Best Lee Soon Shin," said that he tried to stick to the script when shooting "C'est Si Bon" and not exaggerate too much when trying to recreate the feeling of the era.

"When acting in front of the camera, I didn't feel shy, but now I feel awkward, watching the scenes I appear in," he said.

And it's not just because of he choices his character made.

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