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Lee Min Ho Is The Perfect Guy-Next-Door In The Latest TNGT Commercials

BY Adrienne Stanley | Mar 04, 2015 11:37 AM EST


On March 3, the Korean clothing company Today ‘N Going On Tomorrow (TNGT) released additional footage starring Lee Min Ho for its campaign, The Tomorrow Man. TNGT updated their blog with the first series of videos that depict the “Gangnam 1970” star in daily life scenes.

The company published footage of the Hallyu star on Naver and YouTube. The videos feature the actor engaging in everyday activities like packing for a trip or checking his cell phone.

As a model for the business and casual clothier, he exudes a clean-cut, masculine image. The videos serve as a follow-up to the pictorial which was released by TNGT on February 12.

He continues to appear for endorsement activities during his current break from Korean drama but has repeatedly stated that he would rather take on a television role over another film. Lee recently starred in the action-packed film noir “Gangnam 1970.” The film focused on the political corruption surrounding the 1970s development boom which led to the explosive evolution of present-day Gangnam.

“Gangnam 1970” presented Lee with the opportunity to star in his first major film role, which was well-received by audiences and critics. The actor has admitted that the filming process was challenging, particularly during action sequences which were filmed in muddy conditions.

The bulk of his previous acting roles have been within the genres of romantic comedies and melodrama. In 2011, he starred as Lee Yoon Sung in the cinematic drama, “City Hunter.” He followed “City Hunter” with the supernatural period drama, “Faith.” “Faith” also incorporated sequences of stage combat but not to the same degree of intensity as “City Hunter” or Gangnam 1970.”

“Gangnam 1970” is in the midst of its Chinese release, with the film receiving additional scenes which were cut from the Korean edition of the film.

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