'Unkind Ladies' Lee Hana, Song Jae Rim's First Encounter

Unkind Ladies

On the episode of KBS 2TV Wednesday/Thursday drama "Unkind women" broadcast on Feb. 26th, Lee Roo Oh (played by Song Jae Rim) and Jung Ma Ri (played by Lee Hana) ran into a man in the shower room.

On this day, Jung Ma Ri (played by Lee Hana) went to go exercise in the martial arts room and went to take a shower.  At that time, she heard Lee Roo Oh (played by Song Jae Rim's voice.  Jung Ma Ri shouted, "This is the ladies' shower room!" At this, Lee Roo Oh told her that the male and female shower rooms had changed because of construction.

Mari later realized that the place she was in was actually the male shower and she was startled.  Mari said to Lee Roo Oh to not look towards her direction and tried to go out in a rush.  Nonetheless, there were already a lot of men that had their shifts off.

In the end, Mari asked Roo Oh for the men in the changing room to be sent out.  Roo Oh had no choice but to take in Mari's advice.  Roo Oh said to the men in the changing room, "Please step out for a second.  There's a problem with my shower room." With that, she left with the men in the changing room.  Thanks to Roo Oh, Ma Ri could get out of a risky situation.

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