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Ji Chang Wook Takes A New Film Role

BY Julie Jones | Mar 09, 2015 11:43 AM EDT


Ji Chang Wook will have his first big screen leading role in the film "Modified City," directed by Park Kwang Hyun.

According to a recent report in Newsen, the details of his "Modified City" contract are being finalized.

Ji Chang Wook was supposed to take a part in a project titled "Martial Arts," also known as 'Two Constables." Originally slated to start filming early in 2014 the project was reportedly postponed due to budget issues. By July of 2014 the sets were not yet constructed and the casting was not yet finalized.

When the postponement was announced, Ji Chang Wook decided to take a role in the drama "Healer."

As the production issues for "Two Contstables" are still not resolved, he will first take a role in "Modified City," which was previously known as "Sculptured Man."

In the film he will play a game addict. His addiction consumes his life and that may be why he unwittingly gets involved in a rape case.

While this would be his first leading role in a film, he has appeared in films before. He had small roles in the films "Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp" and "Sleeping Beauty." He had such a small role in "How To Use Guys With Secret Tips" he was hard to spot.

His list of leading man film credits may be short but he has become a star thanks to his recent drama appearances. Ji Chang Wook appeared in "My Too Perfect Sons," "Warrior Baek Dong Soo," "Smile Again," "Five Fingers" and "Bachelor's Vegetable Store." But it was his role as the emotionally unstable Emperor Tae Hwan in "Empress Ki" that made him a star.

In a 2014 interview with TV Report he spoke about the career-altering role.

"People said that 'Empress Ki' would mark a turning point in my life and of course I am thankful to that show," he said. "I really enjoyed filming it. However each of my works is precious to me. Regardless of whether they were successful or not, in my heart, each project is given a similar weight."

After "Empress Ki," Ji became even more popular when he took the role of a mysterious messenger known as Healer in the drama "Healer."

"Modified City" is currently casting supporting actors and is expected to begin filming in the next few months. Director Park Kwang Hyun previously directed "Welcome to Dongmakgol" and "No Comment."

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