'Agent Carter' Series Cancelled: ABC Axes Season 2 Over Low Ratings; Fans Intentionally 'Avoid' Marvel Series For 'Mediocre' Plots?

agent carter cancelled
agent carter season 2

Marvel's "Agent Carter" might have started strong in its first series, but it could not live up to its hype. Rumors alleged that there would no longer be a season 2 as ABC had cancelled the series for its "mediocre" plots and low ratings.

Christian Today reported that fans might have to bid farewell to a possible "Agent Carter" season 2. Despite the hype, the website claims that Hayley Atwell and company failed to sustain the high expectations of fans. Ratings continued to dip enormously which prompted the show to be cancelled. It was reported that its ratings dropped as much as 25% which is not a good sign for a new show.

It seems like 4.15 million viewers are not enough to keep the show going. ABC, however, has not made the official announcement on whether "Agent Carter" would be renewed or cancelled for a second season. Rumors of the possible cancellation started to spread when the ratings started to drop despite the limited 8-episode season.

VC Post also shared the same opinion stating that ABC had "little reason" to introduce an "Agent Carter" season 2 given its mediocre ratings.

Christian Today also claimed that some fans were disappointed with the "half-hearted plots" and "lack of focus" on the story line that they chose to purposely "avoid" the show despite ABC's heavy promotion.

It was reported that producers did everything they can to save the show and keep fans interested. This includes introducing plots linked to Black Widow and the Howling Commandos but it seems like the efforts had been futile.

If there's one person who's still confident about an "Agent Carter" season 2, it's ABC entertainment head Paul Lee who reportedly said that he remains "optimistic" that the show won't be cancelled and that it deserves a second chance.

As of writing, the series remained unsigned. If ever ABC decides to give "Agent Carter" a second shot, it could return for a second season in 2016.

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