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2AM's Jung Jinwoon Reveals His Past Relationships "I like a girl who is older than me"

BY Staff Reporter | Feb 10, 2013 12:15 PM EST


2AM's member, Jung Jinwoon, talked about his past relationships on an episode of MBC "We Got Married Season 4" on February 9th.

Jung Jinwoon is now in a fake marriage with actress Go Joon Hee on "We Got Married Season 4", who is significantly older than he is.

Jung Jin Woon talked about his ideal type of female during an interview on the program.

He said "I like someone who is nice, living in their own world, but I hope that she is pure. It's not a bad thing, but I like someone who's older, rather than someone who's my age. Up until now, I dated 3 girls in the past."

Jung Jinwoo also honestly revealed his thoughts on dating someone who is older than him.

Jinwoon said, "one person that I dated was my age, and the rest of them were all older than me. I'm okay with someone who is 6 to 7 years older than me."

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