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Bobbi Kristina Allegedly Moved To A Rehab Facility; Chances For Bobby Brown Daughter’s Recovery Becoming Slimmer?

BY Laura Mari | Mar 25, 2015 11:23 PM EDT

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Bobbi Kristina has been allegedly moved from the hospital to a rehab facility. Bobby Brown's daughter might have a very slim chance of recovery after being unconscious since Jan. 31, new reports alleged.

According to Radar Online, the patient who is not showing any signs of improvement has been moved from Emory University Hospital in Atlanta to a different facility last week.

"There is no improvement in Bobbi Kristina's health," a source told the online publication. "She was moved from the hospital to the rehab place because of hospital policy."

A medical expert told that even with some "hopeful signs," the probability of Bobbi Kristina Brown's recovery is becoming slimmer as time passes by.

"The longer this goes on, the worse her prognosis," Dr. Marc Leavey, internist at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore said.

"Unless the person is brain dead you are going to have some kind of neurological activity, like the flicker of an eye, the twitching of a finger, or the corner of the mouth curling up. It may be a reflex action that means nothing," Dr. Leavey added.

The medical expert also shed light regarding the family's decision of keeping Bobbi Kristina in life support for quite a long time now.

"People clearly are wondering why the family is keeping her on life support, but this is not an unusual situation when the person is young and had provided no end-of-life directive about their wishes," he said.  "As long as her heart is beating on its own and she has brain wave activity, she is alive. She may or may not have a future, but there may still be some hope."

"She has a young heart, and she's has help to breath, so as long as she gets good nursing care, she could live for a very long time in this limbo state. No matter the circumstances, this is a heartbreaking situation and very difficult for any family," Dr. Leavey stated.

Bobbi Kristina Brown's family is still hoping for her recovery.

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