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Joo Won Expresses Pains Of Filming A Drama, "I haven't slept in days"

BY Staff Reporter | Feb 14, 2013 08:50 AM EST


Actor Joo Won talked about the suffering he goes through while filming for a drama.

Joo Won uploaded a picture of himself onto Twitter on February 14th. He wrote, "the fact is that I didn't sleep for a few days. I'm shocked that my body can actually handle this. Wek. Everyone good day. Let's do this!"

In the picture that he uploaded, Joo Won seemed to be taking a break from filming for the drama. He was seen wearing a hooded sweater and covered half his face with the hood. His face seemed to show a blank expression and was directed straight to the camera. Fans began to worry for him due to his sleeplessness.

Netizens commented, "it's really hard staying up to film right? I hope you will gain strength!", "I'm having a lot of fun watching "7th Grade Civil Servant" these days," "fighting Joo Won," "he is really charming," "I really think that the love line between him and Choi Kang Hee is so cute."

Joo Won acts as an immature character named Han Gil Lo, on MBC "7th Grade Civil Servant," who wants to become an agent after watching the 007 movie. Viewers are praising him for his natural acting in this drama.

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