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Jo In Sung Stars In New Music Video

BY Julie Jones | Apr 14, 2015 10:21 AM EDT


If you missed seeing actor Jo In Sung onscreen after his drama “It’s Okay, That’s Love” ended, the wait is over. You can now see the actor in the music video for the song “Ddororororong.”

The music video is not as long as a drama but you could play it a few times in a row and the song is sweetly upbeat enough to withstand multiple replays.

Singer-songwriter Finger Soul created the song for the actor’s web drama “Secret Soul Mate.” The song was used on the Vivien SNS Channel and Sony Music Facebook page as part of a promotional campaign for the drama. But the song proved to be so popular that it is being released. The romantic video is likely to make it even more popular with Jo In Sung’s fans.

In Finger Soul’s sweet romantic music video, Jo In Sung plays a novelist, much like his character the mystery writer in “It’s Okay, That’s Love.” He needs some help paying the bills while he writes the great online novel, so he looks for a roommate. The girl in the video becomes his roommate and then he discovers how much he likes living with her. He likes watching her dust. He even likes helping her hang up her laundry, although the lingerie part embarrasses him. Then there’s a storm and the power goes out. Some flicking candlelight and their relationship is transformed into something more than being roommates.

While you may associate Jo In Sung with dramas rather than music videos, it’s not his first video. He appeared in the music video “She’s Leaving Me” for Shin Seung Hun in 2000, then later that year in “Now” for Fin.K.L. In 2002, he appeared in three music videos for the group g.o.d., “Sad Love,’ “You Don’t Know” and “Fool.” In 2012 he had a role in Kim C’s video “Love.”

It’s not surprising that the actor’s presence might help to sell a song. Jo In Sung is known for the number of commercials he does, always coming across as gentlemanly and romantic, whether he’s pitching steaks or makeup.

If you like the single, you can expect more music from Finger Soul soon. Finger Soul is working on an album titled “Finger Soul Project” with Seattle based musician Zach Holmes. That album will be released at the end of April through Sony Music Korea.


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