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Kang Sora And iKON's Bobby Turn Up The Heat In Their Video For Sprite

BY Adrienne Stanley | Apr 24, 2015 09:33 AM EDT


On April 23, Coca Cola Korea released the highly anticipated Sprite commercial featuring actress Kang Sora and Bobby of the upcoming male group, iKON. The commercial evokes the youthful energy of the '90s American television show, "Baywatch."  Bobby kicks off the commercial with a fantasy scene. He is thirsty and drinking Sprite caused him to conjure images of Kang Sora with a bevvy of international beauties. It may be a bit of a stretch but both stars are entertaining eye candy for viewers. 

Audiences are also provided with the imagery that Sprite can be as refreshing as splashing in water.

An interesting point within the commercial, is the emphasis on Sprite as a party beverage. In many ways, the ad resembles an ad for Hite or other Korean alcohol but it is intended for all-ages. 

Bobby and Kang Sora demonstrate chemistry throughout the ad, which helps to break the idol group member from his gruff, hip-hop image. 

Bobby is a member of the soon-to-debut K-pop group, iKON. He competed on "WIN: Who Is Next?," the YG Entertainment show which delivered the boy band, WINNER. Bobby is best known as a rapper and his status as the champion of the Mnet series, "Show Me the Money 3." 

Kang Sora experienced an increase in popularity in 2014, due to the success of the medical espionage series "Doctor Stranger" and the office drama, "Misaeng." She is currently filming the upcoming Hong Sisters drama, "Warm and Cozy." Set within a Jeju Island restaurant, Kang Sora portrays a woman who departed from an established career in the clothing industry, to work at the small bistro. Anticipation for the series continues to rise following the release of teaser photos depicting the actress with her co-star, Yoo Yeon Sook. "Warm and Cozy" will premiere on MBC on May 13, replacing "Angry Mom." 

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